Nacional AJC

GTA - Aerospace Techniques Group

A little all over the country, the GTA members leave everyone with an overwhelming desire to overcome gravity and set out to conquer space. They teach you to build your own micro-rocket (with parachute included!) And you have the opportunity to launch it into the sky and watch it fly for tens of meters.
For all this, the activities of the GTA are increasingly demanded and appreciated, from north to south of the country. And you, did you make your own micro-rocket, with the help of AJC?

GERA Environmental Studies and Resources Group

Throughout the year, GERA organizes and promotes events on environmental awareness and protection of the environment. In addition to the numerous lectures on these topics that you can watch, you can visit natural parks, botanical gardens, recycling stations and beaches. And these are just some of the destinations that you can visit with the members of this group, who will help you gain a greater global awareness of the environmental problems that currently threaten modern societies. So, are you going to sit in front of the television and ignore all the problems that go on outside?

GRP - Robotics and Programming Group

The robotics group is the latest working group at AJC. If you’ve always been interested in this area and if you want to learn in a practical and playful robotic concepts, join this new group and help us grow it!

AJC Internacional

Is based on the idea of multiculturalism. Both we receive international participants in our events, as we take our prodigies and projects to the most prestigious international science fairs.

AJC - Green

It makes our activities greener through measures such as the abolition of non-recyclable plastics and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

AJC - Social

It allows us to be more socially inclusive, by adapting activities and bringing them to the meeting of young people who hardly qualify access to Science.