Youth Science Association

The Portuguese Youth Science Association (AJC) was created in 1987 to serve as the basis for the organization of the Youth Science Meeting (EJC). It is still the only scientific association formed and directed exclusively by young people, still living the motto that served as the genesis: “Youth Science for Young People.” Its first partners are among the most renowned Portuguese scientists. AJC was one of the founding members of MILSET (Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique et Technique), an international entity that brings together partners in the field of scientific promotion and dissemination.



International Science Meeting, where young people share experiences and their scientific projects.

AJC at Schools

Vamos à tua escola mostrar que a Ciência é acessível e interessante!

Brain Wars

When Science and Physical Activity meet, we can only have the best summer contest!

Environment Days

Come and see the environment that surrounds us while talking with experts in the area.


For the youngest, we booked a science communication contest.

Annual Member Gathering

A place where past and future walk side by side!

Become One of Us

Discover the exclusive benefits that may be reserved for you!

The members of the Asociación Juvenil de Ciencia have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of AJC, through the organization and dynamization of events, the representation of the Association abroad, and also benefit from a discount on the registration of official activities, among many other advantages. In addition, the members are invited to have an active voice in the discussion of the present and future of an association entirely dedicated to Science and Youth.