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“Spreading the Science of Youth for Young People” is our mission since 1987. We believe that young people have more power than they appear. The AJC is the example of this: 31 years later to fulfill this mission with only young people. The past few years have been indescribable, from a group of friends to an association of international impact. All the young people who have passed through AJC have left their mark and cemented our principles. What awaits us in the next 31 years? Tell us you … the limits were meant to be passed.


Our History

O I Encontro Juvenil de Ciência (EJC) realizou-se em Setembro de 1983 em Lisboa, e a sua organização inspirou-se num encontro similar que se realizava em Londres há já 27 anos, o “London International Youth Science Fortnight” (LIYSF). A ideia original da realização do EJC partiu de alguns elementos do grupo de participantes portugueses na 24ª LIYSF em 1982, cuja ida a Londres foi patrocinada pela Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

Com o III EJC, o grupo organizador dos EJC’s resolveu planear e desenvolver um projeto mais amplo: o Projeto “Encontro Juvenil de Ciência” (PEJC),com uma estrutura legalizada do tipo associativo, com a particularidade de ser o resultado de um estudo que permitia definir um funcionamento integrado de diversos setores de atividades e de pequenos projetos a realizar em diferentes locais do país.

Em Novembro de 1986, em Assembleia Geral do PEJC, este muda de nome e a “AJC” começa a nascer, sendo que a escritura da Associação Juvenil de Ciência é assinada a 16 de Março de 1987 (segunda feira) pelas 14.15h.

Our Identity

The Youth Science Association is much more than an association – it is a family and, like one, it is divided into individualities. Ours is divided into four: AJC Nacional, AJC Internacional, AJC Verde, and AJC Social. However, we work together, since all AJC activities are influenced by these individuals and without them it would not be possible to achieve our mission.

AJC Nacional encompasses all the activities carried out in our country. It is the most present since we are an association created in Portugal and addressed to and by Portuguese – and we are proud of that.

AJC Internacional is based on the idea of multiculturalism. Both we receive international participants in our events, as we take our prodigies and projects to the most prestigious international science fairs.

AJC Verde and AJC Social are the most recent members of the family, but they are basic pieces, as they help us to act more consciously, both with the environment and with society.

AJC Verde makes our activities greener through measures such as the abolition of non-recyclable plastics and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The AJC Social allows us to be more socially inclusive, adapting activities and getting them to meet young people who would hardly have access to Science.

For these and other reasons we want to continue to grow this project and we believe that the next years will be even better.

As we usually say “the Youth Science Association can’t be explain … needs too be felt!”

National Board

Pedro Nunes


Claudia Batista


Gustavo Carvalho


Mariana Garcia


João Francisco


Sofia Figueiredo


Diogo Ventura


Matilde Silva


Francisco Barba


Maria Costa


General Meeting - Documents


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Activities Plan

Model for Activities Proposal

Activities of the past

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We are counting on your help to rebuild our history. If you have already made part of our history, click on the button below and tell us how it was.

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