Who are we?

AJC (Associação Juvenil de Ciência) is a non-profitable Scientific Association whose main goal is to promote science among the youngsters.

We are the only scientific association completely managed by youngsters up to 25 years old in Portugal and one of the few worldwide. Want to know us better? Explore the rest of this page!

Our history

Spreading Science from youngsters to youngsters

  • 1982 - 1983

    The early days

    In the year was 1982 when a group of youngsters attended the 24th LIYSF (London International Youth Science Fortnight) on a trip sponsored by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Inspired by the experience, this youngsters decided to do a similar event in Portugal. In September of 1983 it was born in Lisbon the first Youth Science Meeting, by the portuguese name "Encontro Juvenil de Ciência (EJC)", with 100 participants attending!

  • March 16th, 1987

    The official birth!

    The EJC's organizing group stated a great potencial coming from the participants in order to promote future events. To include them, it was born the "Projeto Encontro Juvenil de Ciência (PEJC)", a wider project that lasted the entire year from where new activities and small projects around the country started being developed. This was the first step towards a national board. In November 1986, during the PEJC General Anual Meeting, it was changed the name to "AJC - Associação Juvenil de Ciência". Officially, the papers where signed on March 16th, 1987.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Doors open to the world

    The first EJC's were reserved mostly to national participants and more recently we opened doors to portuguese-speaking countries such as Brazil, and to other latin countries like Spain. Back in 2014 we created history once more. We opened our doors internationally and now we welcome participants from all over the world. So far we received registrations from the biggest part of European countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America. From that moment on, EJC was renamed to its English designation as Youth Science Meeting (YSM).

  • Nowadays

    Keeping connected

    Today AJC keeps its major role promoting science, always having in mind our foundation values. It is an association managed by youngsters and whose activities are aimed to youngsters from 15 to 25 years old. AJC also created working groups specialized in several scientific areas. Years and years have passed since our foundation and today we count with more than 1800 associates! Also, AJC entered in the social networks and now we count with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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Our Values

  • AJC is the name of the structure that EJC youngsters found out as the one that could represent the legacy left with the aim of being improved
  • AJC is not an office, a computer, a bill or a legalized statute. AJC is the will of many "EJC youngsters" to keep being so
  • AJC is the ability of promoting scientific activities oriented by youngsters and developed for youngsters interested on them
  • AJC borns in every EJC/YSM that ends and reborns in every scientific activity that is organized by its associates and members
in Carta de Boas Vindas à Futura Associação Juvenil de Ciência - AJC, Boletim Informativo nº1 da AJC, March 1987

The Board

AJC is driven by the work of youngsters willing to give their time to take science, learning and friendship one step further.
Meet the team behind the activities promoted during 2017/2018 mandate.

Pedro Nunes


Cláudia Batista


Gustavo Carvalho


António Moreira

Member and Head of GTA

Mariya Kozak


Daniel Gomes

Member and Head of GTC

Mariana Farraia


Emanuel Matias


Mafalda Pereira


João Francisco


Matilde Silva


Mariana Garcia


Francisco Barba


Become one of us

Now that you know all of our history, it's your turn to make history with us!

Our associates have a number of unique advantages, such as discounts on fees regarding our activities. In addition, the associates have the possibility to organize and enliven events with the Association, to be selected to represent events abroad and to take an active role in the development of AJC.

For you to become an AJC’s associate you simply need to send us an email (sersocio@ajc.pt) showing your intention and then we will reply you with the information needed. After that, we kindly ask you to pay the annual membership fee of 10€ to the NIB 0035 0836 00002689430 75 and send the respective payment receipt to sersocio@ajc.pt .

Welcome to the family!

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